saphs commission page


character portraitssketchlinedflatsshaded
waist up$20$25$30$35
full body$25$35$45$55
ref sheet------$65$75
illustrationsflat color shaded
simple bg$100$150
full render$200$250

extra bits

▶ add a character for $15-35 depending on complexity
▶ want me to design the character? I can do that too! (+$35)

+ prices are in USD

if you're interested fill out this google form
with all the information you need me to know about your commission





full illustrations

ref sheets

character designs

consider the following

▶ I reserve the right to refuse your commission if I feel its out of my skill or comfort level
▶ you will not receive the finished piece until your payment has been received
▶▶ if for any reason you are unsatisfied you can request your money back or a redo, you are however limited to one redo for free before I start charging for the redoes
▶ only request NSFW if you are 18+ and willing to prove it (i.e. showing me a picture id)
do not ask me to make you art for nfts, i do not do nft art and i do not consent to my art being made into an nft, not now not ever.
my art is not to be used to train any AI art model that has been created or will be created in the future.
I do not take payments in any crypto at all. do not ask to pay in crypto or any website currency like DA Points etc. All Payments are to be in USD

▶ mechas ◀
▶ dubcon ◀
▶ loli/shota ◀
▶ scat, vore, hyper and related fetishes ◀
▶ political/religous/hateful topics ◀
▶ ask if you need more information ◀

available slots

in progress




vtuber avatars

half bodyfull bodyextra slidercomplicated design
png (half body)png (full body)png (gif)
asset (small)asset (large)background

▶ rigging is not included at this time
▶ pngtubers include two images/gifs by default
▶ want me to design your vtuber? I can do that too! (+$100)

+ prices are in USD